TrackHobbs Pricing

Different owners and organizations have different needs. You can select the plan that most closely matches your needs. The prices reflect a cost per active aircraft. If you have 3 airplanes you simply multiply the price by 3 to determine your monthly cost.

Full Feature Free Trial

Try out any plan free for 30 days. When you create your organization enter the code FREE30 on the plan selection page. This will give you one free airplane for 30 days so you can set everything up with no risk to you. If you decide you don't need the extra features just select the Free plan again before the end of 30 days .

  Free Personal Club and Partnership Flight Instructor Flight School
Cost Per
$0.00 $3.95 $9.95 $29.95 $23.95
0 0 0 0 2
Use Tracking
Basic Support
Small Club and Partnership Features
Log Books
Fuel Credits
and Reimbursements
(planned Q1 2020)
School and Large Club Options
CFI Billing
CFI Availability
Agent Operations
Front Desk Interface
Advanced Dispatch
Part 91.103 Records
Premium Support


The default pricing plan when you create a new organization is the Free plan. With the free plan you have the ability to schedule flights and enter flight tickets.


An organization on the Personal plan provides maintenance interval tracking with rules enforcement in a paperless checkout flow to help make sure you are both safe and legal when you are about fly. This plan also gives you access to the logbook image upload and indexing features so you can safely store a digital backup of your paper logbooks for safe keeping.

Basic Billing

Add invoicing and payment tracking to the Free plan. Get shared scheduling, ticket entry, and billing for one low price.

Club and Partnership

The more people you have flying the more work it is to make sure everyone knows what is going on. Let TrackHobbs help you keep it all organized when you combining billing with paperless checkout, maintenance interval tracking, and log book image upload and indexing. Paperless checkouts and maintenance tracking make it easy for pilots to be sure that they are within the legal limits for required inspections and that regular maintenance has been completed. You can also put your fellow pilot's minds at ease by uploading and indexing images of log entries as they are made so that everyone can inspect the logs at their own convenience.

Flight School Billing

With Flight School Billing you can now charge for CFI time and for use of resource items such as spare headsets, tablets, or ADS-B in receivers. You can use all of the tools that help pilots stay safe in a club in a flight school. Students can see at a glance what the maintenance status is for any given airplane and paperless checkout rules enforcement can disallow dispatch if any critical intervals have expired.

If you would like to customize a plan with the exact features your organization needs we can do that. Email sales for assistance