Knowing who is using the airplane can be difficult problem for clubs and partnerships. Without a shared calendar it can feel like you are just taking your chances on whether you will get to fly when you go to the airport. Sometimes members will even take the airplane when they don't realize the mechanic or avionics shop needs to look at something.

Scheduling isn't only about making sure the aircraft is available to be reserved, you need tools that help everyone be aware when availability changes. When someone finds a problem on the first flight of the day everyone else that was planning of flying needs to know what the problem is so they can properly adjust their plans.

Make aircraft scheduling easy:

Own your airplane and don't have to share with anyone?

Sometimes the only person you need to coordinate with is your mechanic. Even if nobody else is using it, maintenance reservations can remind you about your plans to get your airplane looked at. You can even invite your mechanic to join the organization you create so that he can enter the times for things like runup checks after changing oil.

Paperless Flight Tickets

The basic flow for tracking use is entering a flight ticket when you are done using the airplane. In order to do this you need to keep track of when you started and whether all of the documentation that is required is still present in the airplane.

When you enable paperless flight tickets a button will appear on your upcoming reservation list where you can then check out the aircraft and verify the tach and hobbs start times. When you are done you go through a check in procedure that allows you to add the end times on the tach and hobbs meters as well as indicate notes.