Flight School Management

Schools have unique challenges and needs that clubs and partnerships do not have to deal with. When you're running a business you need tools that will reduce your workload so you can focus on more important operational problems.

Aircraft Pilot Currency Audit

Currency tracking

While currency tracking is helpful for clubs and partnerships it is critical in the flight training environment. Flexible currency rules allow you to to make sure that your students are flying often enough to use your aircraft and if they are not their dispatch will be blocked. All it takes is a flight with a CFI and they will begin accruing time toward their currency requirements again. If you aren't sure which currency rules apply you can get a currency audit by attempting an aircraft dispatch or by looking at a member page.

Maintenance and Squawks

Make sure maintenance problems don't cause confusion for students. When you set up maintenance intervals and track squawks right in TrackHobbs everyone in your organization can quickly determine the maintenance status of your aircraft. Share maintenance history with students and CFIs by uploading and indexing log book images as new log entries are generated.

CFI Payroll Report

CFI Billing and Payroll

Having CFI billing integrated allows for some advanced pricing configuration options. There are multiple ways of configuring a CFI price and each one serves a different use case presented by our customers. These advanced pricing rules on CFIs allows you to charge different rates based on what kind of flight someone is taking or who they are flying with. When it comes time to do your CFI payroll you can report on billed CFI time to figure out payroll liabilities quickly and easily.

Document management

Trackhobbs has the ability to upload any kind of document you need to in order to keep member and aircraft records on file. Scanning and uploading documents means that not only do you not need to keep a cabinet full of paper, but information that needs to be published to everyone can be available any time.

Private Member Documents

Aircraft documents

Published Organization Documents

Organization level documents either apply to the whole organization, or documents can be associated with specific aircraft so that members know where to look for relevant information.

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We have started helping flight schools stay organized and keep their airplanes flying and we're excited for the features have planned that will help you better manage dispatch and even more advanced currency rules.

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