Organization Invoice List

Sharing an airplane can be a lot of fun and a good way to save money. Getting everyone to pay their share of expenses can be a lot of work. Reporting on flight tickets, reviewing the times flown and looking for gaps or overlapping tickets, and making sure that the correct price levels are applied to each person can quickly become a job all by itself. Do this for more than one airplane and you are going to have your work cut out for you.

Entering flight tickets or using paperless ticket entry makes billing easy. Once you think you have everything you can review the ticket list. You check for duplicates and if there are any gaps the ticket list page will highlight them so you can see how much time is missing and on what days you should be looking for a ticket. The list of people to ask for missing tickets gets a lot shorter when you have reservations on dates where no flight ticket is available. Verifying tickets is easy to do and it can be a relief knowing that everything is in order.

Generating invoices is easy when all the tickets are in and you know that it is correct. The invoice flow gives you one last chance to verify that the amount of time each person is being billed for looks correct, if it is then you simply generate the invoice and move on to the next person.

Payment Processing

After figuring out what everyone needs to pay the next difficult task can be tracking everyone down and getting them to pay. We all know someone who keeps forgetting to get their payment in, everyone knows they're good for it, but they just don't remember to sit down at the computer and make the transfer or write the check and send it in.

Payment Processing Deposit Transaction Split

To make things easier, TrackHobbs allows you to connect your organization with a Stripe credit card processing account. With stripe enabled billing you will be able to collect payments from members as soon as you are done doing the billing. For the purposes of credit card processing your club or partnership remains the merchant of record and the money is always in your direct control with stripe collecting payments and depositing the money directly into your account.