Integration API

Trackhobbs has an API to help you integrate with external systems. You can generate API tokens with fine grained permissions so that the external integrations can only access the things you want them to.

General Information available by API

The general information APIs are good for pulling things out of Trackhobbs for display in other systems.

Billing and accounting information API

The billing and accounting related API endpoints are designed to expose full accounting data to integration applications that can directly import your customers, invoices, and payments into your accounting system. Trackhobbs does class based accounting so you can do P+L and Balance sheet reports by class to see income and expenses split out per aircraft.

We are currently developing a Quickbooks Desktop integration that uses this API from a desktop application that automatically creates customers and imports invoices. If you would like a chance to experiment with the Quickbooks integration just email and ask about Quickbooks integration.

Developer Experimentation

If you or a developer you are working with want to get your feet wet with the API we have a friendly interface for working with it. Just login as a user with sufficient permissions for the actions you want to take and open If you are going to use a non-admin organization user be sure to delegate the billing view permission to that user. If you're not sure how to do that just email and we'll be happy to help you out and answer any questions you have.