Price Tiers

Price calculations for instructors and aircraft can be customized using price tiers. You can override sales tax rules, pricing, and the revenue invoice item for a flight or you can use a discount item so that a line item is added to the invoice mapping the discount to an expense. In this article we will describe some common use cases where price tiers are used and how they will be configured.

Price tiers can be managed by going to Admin -> Manage Lists and then selecting Price Tiers on the left.

Admin -> Manage Lists
Manage Lists -> Price Tiers

Maintenance / CFI Training

There are two different ways to account for maintenance, CFI Training, or other zero revenue flights using price tiers based on who owns the aircraft.

Club or School Owned Aircraft

If you own the aircraft you don't need to show revenue for the time that was used. You can simply set the price to $0.

Leaseback Aircraft

Leasebacks are a slightly different story. A leaseback owner may still want to get paid for the engine time used for run up or other maintenance, repositioning, and CFI training flights. for this use case you still set the total price to $0, but you create and map a discount item. When the flight is invoiced it will create a revenue line item followed by a discount line item describing the same ticket number that credits back the cost of the ticket.

Price Tier - Maintenance Settings

Price Tier - Maintenance

Owned Aircraft Setup

Maintenance Price Tier - Owned Aircraft Settings

Leaseback Aircraft Setup

Maintenance Price Tier - Leaseback Aircraft Settings

Membership Specific Pricing

If your organization has monthly membership dues based on someone's buy in level or some other factor they can be assigned a price tier using a lease. In many cases you can simply override the monthly membership price for the organization and still use the standard resource price configured for the aircraft by not configuring any resource prices in the price tier.

Leaseback Owner Pricing

We have already covered the case when a leaseback owner's airplane is operated for maintenance or training, but when a leaseback owner uses their own airplane you may want to account for it differently. In order to do that you will create an income invoice item type and set it as the "Override Item" in the resource configuration for the leaseback owner's aircraft. It is entirely normal to create a price tier per aircraft owner to give each one their own properly customized prices.

Leaseback Owner Price Tier Aircraft Configuration

Price tier - Leaseback Owner - Aircraft