Adding Members To Your Organization

There are two ways that you can add members to your organization. You can send out invitations or members can apply. Depending on your organization's needs you can use either method. Members can exist without a trackhobbs account, but that means that no person can act at the user in the system, but an admin can still configure reservations, handle rental checkout/return, configure payment methods, and do other tasks that are a part of the lifecycle of a member's activity in an organization.

Inviting Members

You can create a basic member record for someone you want to invite. The important thing is the value in this record is the "Invite Email" field. If a member record has not been associated with a system user you can send an invitation email from the admin member list page.

Accepting Member Applications

Each organization can publish a member application page. This allows a user to request membership in an organization by submitting the main information for their member record to the organization for approval. When you approve a member the information they submitted becomes a part of their member record or can be merged with an existing member record you already created.

From the page where you manage your applicants you are able to find a link to your organization's application page. You can send this link to anyone who is having trouble accepting an invitation and have them fill in their own information and apply. You can then review and accept their application to add them to your organization.

Admin Member List Page

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Manage Organization Applicants

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