Accepting Member Invitations

When you are invited to an organization in Trackhobbs there are a few conditions that must be met in order to join the organization.

  1. Create a user account with an email address that matches the "Invite Email" that the member record was created with.
  2. Look for an email account verification message and click the link to verify.
  3. Go to your organization list and look for invitations.
  4. Click the green "Join" button next to the organization name that has invited you

The most common problems that you will run into when trying to join an organization have to do with having the wrong email address. If you are not seeing an invitation when you login then take the email address you used when signing up with Trackhobbs and send it to the organization administrator that is trying to invite you. If they update the "Invite Email" field on the member record they already created for you then the invitation should show up.