Fuel Reimbursement

Flight school and flying club members can be reimbursed for fuel when doing wet rate pricing. There are three ways that a reimbursement can be handled when approved.

  1. Used as an invoice discount
  2. Converted to a payment credit for paying other invoices
  3. Paid by check or other means external to Trackhobbs

Fuel Reimbursement Review Form

Fuel Reimbursement Review

Invoice Discount

The first and simplest option for reimbursement is leaving the reimbursement available as an invoice discount. When reviewing a reimbursement enter the reimbursement amount and set "Reimbursement Approved" to "Yes". The next time you try to bill the member you will see a discount line item on the next invoice.

DO NOT select "Paid" or "Credit Payment", these are the way that the other reimbursement options are selected.

Payment Credit

Another option for fuel reimbursements is to generate a payment credit. A reimbursement discount must be smaller than the rest of the invoice being discounted so that a negative invoice is never created. If a fuel reimbursement is too big for a person's next invoice a credit can be generated. This credit can then be used as a payment source for multiple payments.

You generate a payment credit by selecting "Credit Payment" when reviewing a fuel reimbursement.

Undo Payment Credit

If you have created a payment credit by mistake you can edit the payment record and void it. Voiding the credit converts the fuel reimbursement back into a fuel discount item that can be used on an invoice.

Direct Payment

Sometimes members are not active enough to make use of an invoice discount or a payment credit. In these cases a check or similar payment can be made through your accounting system and you can simply mark the reimbursement as "Paid".